Scanning is the first stage in converting document libraries into electronic format. It may also be the last stage, depending on the intended use of the file (data retrieval, viewing & printing only). Black and white or ‘binary’ scanning is the simplest and most cost effective method of converting any large format drawing.

Drawings of various types and sizes can be scanned from a maximum of 90cm wide and unlimited length at a very high throughput rate. We can also scan Slides, Trannies, Negatives, Maps, Prints and Photos of any size.

A wide range of file formats are available to suit client requirements and can be supplied on client’s removable media or burnt to CD.

A database of drawings can be created and used in conjunction with specialised software to provide fast efficient retrieval, viewing, redlining, networking and batch printing or emailing of large drawing archives.

At API we have always had a strong focus on the special requirements of ‘large format’ scanning.

  • We can scan large format black and white or colour documents.
  • We can accept media up to 90cm wide by an almost an unlimited length.
  • We can even process documents up to a half inch thick.
  • Fragile documents are meticulously handled to ensure the original is never damaged.
  • Resulting images can be provided in a variety of formats and resolutions to ensure they suit your exact needs.

Photo to DVD scanning service, for perfect digital photos.

Photos are scanned and transferred to DVD disk which you can use on your own computer to make copies of the digital photos.

  • Our photos to DVD scanning & conversion service will protect and preserve your memories for a lifetime.
  • A single DVD disk can usually store well over a 1000 scanned photographs.
  • Ideal present for all the family.

Price will be available soon.