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Have you got a pile of camcorder or VHS Tapes taking up space? Did you know these wont last forever, so backup today!
We can convert your video to DVD or a format for you to edit on your own computer.

Usual turnarounds in 2-4 days, it’s easy to convert Video to DVD.

Standards conversion

API also convert video that has come from overseas. One big foreign format is the North American NTSC, this can easily be converted by API and usually by same day service.


API duplicates from any single tape into a wide range of video mediums. API also offers full colour labelling for video cassettes. All duplication is done either same day or a couple of days depending on quantity and workload.


API has the ability, know how, equipment and operators to tackle any video job. We offer real-time editing, professional looking titling and credits, background sound, still image importing, a huge array of special effects and super-imposing to say the least. We normally get the clients original tapes in first, this gives us time to pre-load all the required materials into our systems and then simply arrange an appointment for the editing to commence. Editing is charged by the hour so you know what your paying.


API has the ability to supply you with a wide range of digital video formats such as QuickTime, AVI, MPG or DV streams from all analogue and digital video tapes. These files can then be saved to CD’s (for easy share ability, and cheap copying), DVD’s (larger files) or straight to your hard drive (external firewire preferred, but can work from internal).

We run all video tapes through timebase correcting machines as to get the best possible conversion for you. We run digital and analogue TBC’s because every tape is different. Some of our clients bring in damaged or broken tapes, we do offer a re-splicing and re-casing service. We work with tapes from other countries to, so if its a standards conversion you require that’s not a problem.

We work with the following formats:

  • 8mm
  • Hi8
  • Digital8
  • VHS
  • SVHS
  • VHSC
  • BETA
  • HDV (via Mini-Dv tapes)
  • MiniDV
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